Thursday, 13 November 2008

Starvedog Lane Chardonnay 2005

Starvedog Lane Chardonnay (Adelaide Hills, SA)
Screwcap, $23

What a relief this wine was. After a run of disappointing Chardies (not least the Jacobs Creek Reeves Point earlier in the week, an 06 Gramps Chardy yesterday was even worse) it was so nice to be presented with a halfway attractive wine.

Golden straw, with tints of green, this presents with a spicy, yeast driven nose with hints of honeyed development & good quality oak playing a supporting role. No Puligny, but attractive nonetheless. The palate is quite round, mouthfilling & generous, with intense white peach fruit characters, sweet, integrated vanillan oak on the front, cleansing acidity on the back. There is some broadness and oak tannins on the tail, but it all feels balanced and drinkable. Good stuff.17

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