Monday, 20 April 2009

Biodynamics - Pseudo Science?

An excellent article on the question marks over biodynamics. It even has the appropriate references required for inclusion in a peer reviewed Science Journal.

Well worth a read


  1. Ok, everything else aside...I really don't believe people who claim they can taste whether or not a wine is BD. BS.



  2. It would be interesting though to tend one half a vineyard biodynamically & one half organically, give both sides equal attention and then seperate the parcels into two different wines...

  3. Absolutely. Not anti BD, just have problems with certain commentators claims. A lot of wines I love are BD or Organic, and I think it's better for the long term health of the soil than spraying.

  4. It's ultimately the more radical aspects of BD that are hard to stomach - root days & cow horns...

  5. Stuart GilchristFriday, April 24, 2009

    Here is an interesting read on the state of BD in California:
    (On page 5, even Jancis Robinson gets a guernsey) Maybe they'll be using the heads of disrespectful wine writers in their next formulations?