Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pyramid Valley Grower Series Pinot Blanc 2007

Pyramid Valley Grower Series Pinot Blanc 2007 (Marlborough, NZ)
$50, Screwcap, 13,9%

Winery Website

They don't come more 'cultish' than Pyramid Valley. Comfortably sitting up there with Dry River or Puriri Hills on the scale of ultra serious, boutique Kiwi makers with seriously cultish reputations. Curiously you can still pick up some of their wines from the (low-tech) website above, at very reasonable prices. This is my first experience with this label & judging by this bottle, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending jumping head first into the rest of the wines (though availability in Aus could be somewhat of an issue).

Golden yellow & slightly cloudy in colour, with one finger of tartrate crystals in the bottom of the bottle, reminding of the minimal filtration & 'natural wine' approach here. A cultish approach even. The nose is rich & full, with honeyed, glace fruit & just a nuance of lifted florals. The nose is serious Pinot Blanc, but blunter than the best Alsatian benchmarks.

This carries through to a powerhouse palate, dominated by the same honeyed richness shown on the nose & creamy generosity filling out the palate. Its big and ripe, but also somewhat hot & bulky. Lovely density & texture on the palate, but just a little hollow & overripe.

Still delicious and utterly genuine in nature regardless. 17.5

For another perspective, check out Edward's (the wino sapien) review on this same wine here

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  1. Andrew,

    Thanks for the shout out. I've been reading a lot of blog posts in the last few hours, the passing of Max Lake in particular, its a confirmation of how much time I spend thinking about wine. . . This is a definite thinking wine, quirky and far removed from the mainstream, though as you say, not without flaws.


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