Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Meerea Park Alexander Munro Shiraz 2007

Meerea Park Alexander Munro Shiraz 2007 (Hunter Valley, NSW)
$65ish [I think], Screwcap, 14%

Just a general note on this one, as I really wasn't taking notes, I was drinking it. Drinking it at a wine tasting where I was supposed to be just 'tasting'. It's the wine's fault you see, it was simply that good that I ended up unconsciously drinking it. Damn you Eather boys.

It's red in colour. I can't really tell you much else with regards to the colour except that it really wasn't ridiculously dark. Mid red even. On the nose, it's simply a great Hunter Shiraz. It's a careful match between slightly meaty, earthen deepness and some well judged milk chocolate oak (very finely integrated). It smells rich and inviting and new leatherish, hardly confronting, but just, well, perfectly formed. No screaming, just clear signals of what it is.
On the palate though is where the greatness is. Full, but not heavy, you taste not fruit, but wine. Ok, maybe some sort of blackberries or plums or the like, but nothing actually tastes like grapes, which I think the best red wines show. Moving on, the fair proportion of stems make their presence felt on the back palate, injecting pepper and that animale edge that I really like. Tannins are long, but soft things, grippy, but not mind bendingly powerful, just subliminal really (no acid added, incidentally, hooray for that). Drinking the stuff, you realise thats actually not that thunderously powerful, just lithely intense. Really like that too.

The overarching impression of this wine then is of balance, built upon a theory of 'everything, in its right place' and a product of what was obviously blindingly good fruit. It is, without question, a near perfect Hunter Shiraz, but beyond that, it's also a top class, exceptionally well built, medium bodied, drinking red wine. I'll be buying some. 19.0

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