Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Soul Growers Resurgence Cabernet Shiraz 2009

Soul Growers
Lots of heart here
Soul Growers Resurgence Cabernet Shiraz 2009 (Barossa Valley, SA)
15%, Screwcap, $25
Source: Sample

No wussy wines in the Soul Growers range, with average alcohols of 14%+, yet in their style - deep, black and fully ripened - they're on the mark. Hearty Barossan fare, if not quite for the faint hearted, yet never straying down the fruit bomb line. Endless depth is the key here.

This, suitably, is black as hell. Tight too, with little escaping, even after several hours in the decanter. There's a little coal, some volatile wafts otherwise blackness. Licoricey blackness. Sweetly rich and surprisingly soft and generous mouthul of a palate is really surprising in it's sweetened, blackberry softness. The more you swirl the more ripe it looks, the fully ripened palate looking rich and decadent though happily not dead fruited, tending more generous and encompassing. Like a rich Barossan embrace really, though the warm finish is a slight distraction. Good stuff regardless. 16.8/89