Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vale Cabernet and solid as ever: Woodstock Cabernet

Woodstock Cabernet
Big on the Vale action
Woodstock Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 (McLaren Vale, SA)
14.5%, Source, $25
Source: Sample

I think McLaren Vale Cabernet tends to get forgotten in the scheme of things, passed over in favour of more Cabernetish Cabernets from places like Coonawarra or Margaret River. Some may argue that that is a good thing, particularly as Vale Cabernet tends to taste more like red wine from McLaren Vale than a Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale, yet such an attitude fails to acknowledge the simple, blackberry jam appeal of a wine such as this one.

There is an unusual sort of charcuterie-meets-berry-jam character on the nose of this wine actually, a fruit and oak trail mix thing (or is it the B word?) that looks a little bacon fat/chook poo shitty in it's meaty richness, but also attractive because of it. It makes me want to gnaw on slow cooked shin bones - or just slow cooked meat on bones - actually and drink this wine with it. I'll call that appeal actually, particularly for a carnivore such as me.

Interestingly, the big and chunky palate is quite conventional after the nose, it's a big, mid palate driven, slightly bitter/rich choc oak and blackberry jam sort of wine, full of fruit (grapes even), fruit and more fruit, all finished with lightish tannins and a warmish tail. A winey tail even, a rich 'full of stuffing' finish that is utterly Vale and going to win you over (if just a little bitter).

No questioning the appeal of this berry jam style. Day two and it was even more convincing in its blackberry jam solid richness too. Good stuff. 17.3/90

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