Thursday, 14 June 2012

Taylors Winemaker's Project Botrytis Riesling 2011

Taylors Winemaker's Project
Botrytis Rieslins
Taylors Winemaker's Project 2011 Botrytis Riesling (Clare Valley, SA)
10.5%, Screwcap, $22 375ml
Source: Sample

The Taylors Winemaker's Project wines represent the Taylors winemaking teams playthings, with this particular wine being the first ever Taylors botrytis Riesling. Surprisingly, it is also perhaps the most delicious new release Taylors wine I've had in a while (in smart packaging too).

It looks rather innocuous actually, with a colour that is already quite bright yellow in colour and somewhat advanced, the nose here carries a healthy dose of acetic acid volatiles, cardboard and funk, showcasing a whole truckload of bot on the nose. Lots of bot. Has a really concentrated blue-cheese-meet-apricot-funk in there that is mighty interesting.

In contrast, the palate is clean and rather direct, the flow of apricots, peach nectar, red apples all rather juicy and powerful. Has a load of sugar in there too with a rich flow of creamy flavour continuing right through the finish. Not over sweet and concentrated, this is juicy and quite appealing indeed. Nice balance, nice wine. Like. 17.7/92

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