Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Thomas Wines Six Degrees Semillon 2012

Thomas Wines Six Degrees Semillon 2012 (Hunter Valley, NSW)
8%, Screwcap, $22
Source: Sample

I may be alone amongst wine writers to say so, but I really think there is a place for this sort of wine. Sure, it's not got that intensity and seriousness of equivalent off-dry Mosel Riesling, but for a simply sweet (but not obtusely so) and juicy white wine this is more than palatable. Fun drinking no question about it.

There is an almost formic, herbal edge to the nose which to me is indicative of slightly underripe fruit. That's the only suggestion for greenness though for the palate is vibrant, lively and very juicy, the acidity so prominent that the sugar matches up pretty nicely indeed. Not profound but the fruit tingles and lime juice style is so impressively fresh and grapey that you can't help but admire it.
I think it is still a fraction too sweet though whether it would be that much better (or sell as well) as a drier wine is an interesting conundrum.

I can see why this sells well (and so should it).

Drink: 2013-2015+
Score: 16.5/20 88/100
Would I buy it? No, but I gave half the bottle to a very attractive ladyfriend who loved it.


  1. "I gave half the bottle to a very attractive ladyfriend who loved it."

    And what did you get in return? :)



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