Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Meerea Park Terracotta Shiraz 2009

Meerea Park Terracotta Shiraz 2009 (Hunter Valley, NSW)
?%, Screwcap, $55
Source: Sample

Now I'm not much of a fan of Shiraz Viognier per se (which you can probably pick up by regularly reading this blog), but I can see how it can be used for commercial advantage, with the beautifying, softening, rounding (and purpling) action of Viognier helping to make old Shiraz that little bit more approachable.

By extension then I think that Viognier actually works best with the driest and/or leanest Shiraz fruit (which is why it works in Cote Rotie) and conversely works least well with sweet rich Shiraz fruit (which is why it should be banned in the Barossa and the Vale). Trying this wine alongside the 09 Hell Hole (which shares the same base Shiraz grape source) and you can really see how much more open, easy going - and commercially attractive - this looks. As a purist though I still can't quite embrace it..

Interestingly, whilst the floral, pretty, sweet and wildly juicy nose shows plenty of Viognier character but there is less of the Viognier sweetness on the palate. That palate too is super silky and very polished, but perhaps too much so. Palate is glossy, super smooth and berried, with good earthen Shiraz flavour buffed up by the Viognier addition. Fine tannins to finish are entirely attractive.

Glossy, pretty, mid weight Hunter Shiraz Viognier that is entirely attractive but just a bit too juicy and flashy for mine. 17/90

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