Wednesday, 7 September 2011

BEER: Murray's Angry Man Brown Ale

Murray's Angry Man Brown Ale
Doesn't make me angry at all
BEER: Murray's Angry Man Brown Ale

I'm first to admit that, compared to wine, I know nothing about beer (though that's suggesting I know something about wine of course). But I like this. I like it more than any of the other Murray's brews and it had me thinking about another great Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown. But this is stronger, richer and, well, browner. Oh and better.

Did I mention how it smells? Good. Very good. Classic rich molasses and fresh, slightly herbaceous hoppy nose. Rich, full flavoured but not heavy palate with just the right amount of caramel richness. Not too heavy, not too light, real Goldie Locks beer. Warming finish, but doesn't taste like it's 6.5% alcohol.

Wonderful beer this. Bought 2 and they emptied at speed. Admittedly I like Brown Ales (White Rabbit I'm looking at you) so this was bound to appeal on a base level, but I still can't laud this highly enough.


  1. "another great Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown."

    Only a Geordie would call that, um, beverage "great" :)

    Great for fuelling football violence! Used to drink a bit once myself. The ol' Brown Dog.


  2. I'm not a Geordie but I've drank a few Newcy Browns and well enough to realise how infinitely ordinary it is compared to this beer

    Actually, what are your favourite brown ales? I've always put Chimay Bruin as the best but I suppose it's more of a dubbel than a brown ale...

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't call a dubbel a brown ale per se. I'm not a massive fan of dubbels in any case. Normally a bit sweet for my palate (as Roger Moore might say). I'm much more of a dry tripel with some hop influence person.

    Not sure whether you mean "brown ale" as particular style or just ales that are brown. If the latter, I'm a fan of CAMRA-style English ales. For example, I love Fuller's London Porter, which is a new discovery for me of late. If you mean "brown ale" as a style Sammy Smith's Nut Brown Ale might be a good one for you. Look for the white Yorkshire rose and you can't go wrong!

    I have notes for over 1,000 beers now (may more not typed up of course), so it's difficult to pinpoint any brews in particular!! Don't have my files with me at this moment. I'll get back to you later.



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