Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Derwent Estate Riesling 2011

Derwent Estate Riesling
Derwent Estate Riesling 2011 (Derwent Valley, Tas)
12%, Screwcap, $25
Source: Sample

What is particularly intriguing about Rieslings such as this one is the perception of sweetness. According to the winery figures this has just 3g/l of residual sugar (RS), a figure that is almost imperceptible in the scheme of things (with thresholds generally thought to be about 2g/l for most people). Yet it tastes sweet. Not intrusive sweet mind you, for the sugar is almost perfectly integrated, but just low level sweet. Sweet enough to round off the tartness of the palate and make for something more complete than if it was fermented to dryness. Smart choice. (Jancis wrote a good article about sweetness perception here).

What is equally impressive about this Rizza is the florals, with an almost Gewurtz like talc and lavender perfume that has a real intensity and persistence to it. An unequivocal and concentrated nose even, which suggests low yields and careful irrigation (if irrigated at all). The palate is softer and a little gentler than the nose, still with that purity matched to some more traditional green apple and even grapefruit flavours. Speaking of grapefruit, that aforementioned dash of RS is a perfect foil for the slightly tart grapefruit acidity through the tail, just increasing the attraction of the wine in the process.

Nice wine that I very much enjoyed drinking. Could I want more? Maybe just a little palate definition. A quibble though really. Drink: Now - 2016+ 18/93

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