Saturday, 2 February 2013

Plantagenet Riesling 2012

Plantagenet Riesling 2012 (Mt Barker, Great Southern, WA)
12.5%, Screwcap, $22
Source: Sample

It's a pretty reliable beast is the Plantagenet Riesling. Interestingly enough if it looks a little softer and sweeter this vintage, though the question remains whether it is a product of the warm year or something of a genuine style shift. More research required. The IRF scale on the back indicates it is closer to off-dry too (when it is historically been a bone-dry wine). Interesting.

Regardless, this is again an expressive Riesling, all lemon bath salts and florals on the nose that also filter through the palate. It tastes of briney, limey fruit with an almost salty edge this year, the fruit softer, more creamy and sweeter than previously. Arguably this softening actually makes it a more palatable wine, however I'd also question whether it might lose a little precision and persistance because of it.

Anyways, I still enjoyed a glass and the more I drank the more I liked. Lovely Riesling.

Drink: 2013 - 2020
Score: 17.7/20 92/100
Would I buy it? Could well be tempted

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